The Colour of the Soul


I can see the colour of your soul. 

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Annalise Becker wakes from an eleven month coma with the ability to sense a person’s aura. But why won’t her family tell her what happened? What dark secret is her mother hiding? And why is there a guard outside her hospital room?

Hunted by a psychopathic killer and accused of a crime she can’t remember, she must use her new skill to separate the truth from the lies before it is too late.

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My books are thrillers with a twist. To date I have written three full length books including The Rage (, Decimation ( and The Colour of the Soul ( Some of my short stories have also been published including A Christmas Killing in the Bloodhound Books anthology, Dark Minds and The Offer in the Corona Book of Science Fiction. I live with my wife and daughter in North East Hampshire. You can follow me on Twitter @RTBurkeAuthor. I am also on Facebook at I am always delighted to hear from readers and will try to respond to all messages personally.

2 thoughts on “The Colour of the Soul”

  1. Richard T Burke… I just read A Christmas Killing. You tricksy Bleep! Really play with the reader’s mind. I love it! Want more! Why can’t I find you on Kindle?
    Your new fan, Jaya.

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