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My books are predominantly thrillers, but most have a scientific or technology element thrown in too. Click the picture of the book below to learn more.

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Full Length Novels

CrimeBits Winner!

I am delighted to have been nominated as the winner of the CrimeBits Lee Child Prize run by Black Spring Press Group. The competition was for the best 200 word opening to a novel.

You will have to purchase the book to read my entry and the other 99 featured openings.

Buy the book here:

Christmas Price Reduction

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
This is a season of giving, so I have reduced the price on the Kindle versions of all my books for the next few days.

The Decimation trilogy is now available as a box set

The three books in the Decimation series (Decimation: The Girl Who Survived, Termination: The Boy Who Died, and Annihilation: Origins and Endings) are now available in a Kindle box set and also as an 800+ page paperback.

You can save money by buying the boxset rather than the corresponding individual Kindle versions or paperbacks.

The Kindle box set

Get the Kindle version here: Universal Amazon link

Get the paperback version here: UK, US, AUS, CAN

Why the Orestes virus?

The Decimation series takes place in a world where everybody has been infected by a deadly virus. The organism remains inactive until a woman gives birth. Then it activates and kills the host.

So, why did I name it the Orestes virus?

Why the title, Decimation?

The word, Decimation, is one which has changed a little in modern colloquial usage. When people talk about something being decimated, they often mean it has been largely destroyed.

However, the original meaning of the word derives from the time of the Romans. Decimation was a form of extreme military discipline in which every tenth man in a group was executed. It was used as a punishment for severe crimes such as cowardice, desertion or mutiny.

The next book

Thanks for visiting my book page.

It’s now around eight months since I launched Annihilation, the third and last book in the Decimation trilogy. So, what’s coming next?

I’m currently working on a near-future, Sci-Fi thriller. I’m excited by the underlying premise; I can’t say too much at this stage, but it’s a big idea like the one in the Decimation universe (where no woman has survived childbirth in a generation).

The Decimation series

I’m planning this new book to be the first in a series, but I’m not yet sure how many books that will include. I’ll reveal more as I get closer to a complete first draft.

Finally, a big thank you to all who have reviewed my books. A good review can make all the hard work required to create a book feel worthwhile.

An Author Interview with Bridge House Publishing

My short story, The Prisoner, was recently published in the Resolutions anthology by Bridge House Publishing.

Resolutions by [Multiple, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Gill James]
Resolutions by Bridge House Publishing

You can find an interview with Gill James of the same company on her blog today.

A great review for Annihilation

A great review for Annihilation: Origins and Endings on the Books From Dusk Till Dawn Blog.

You can also find reviews for Decimation: The Girl Who Survived and Termination: The Boy Who Died on the same site.

Who is Theo?

The dedication to my latest book, Annihilation: Origins and Endings, reads as follows:

For Theo

My silent companion during the writing of this book. You didn’t offer any suggestions, but you sat beside me throughout.

The question is, who is Theo?

Two years ago, my aunt was no longer able to look after her dog, a Maltese Terrier, due to ill health. We offered to look after him, and Theo soon became an integral member of our family.

Decimation Audio book cover

Decimation is available as an audio book

I’m pleased to announce that in addition to Kindle and paperback versions, Decimation is now available as an audio book.

Get it here:

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